by chance :)
2010-05-03 @ 17:24:05
welcome back :)))
It's amazing! I have just been through the Internet in order to learn English and what I can see?? It's my own blog I have forgotten about!!! wow!!! I have just click on "blog in English" and I saw my old nick "maritka" so I decided to enter. I see a lot of people have seen my blog :)))/by the way thank you:)/
It has been 3 years since I didnt write anything. I even hardly remember what I used to write about because I havent read it again yet to dust the things off :)))
Now I am elder 3 years. And do you know what? I have still been learning English hihihihhhiii. In my opinion my level of English is much more better now but still not perfect :/
Anyway I have to end right now because I have to sth to do.
It's great to bump up into the site again!!!
I enclose warm greetings to all of you!!!!!!!
see you later!!!!

2008-01-26 @ 23:07:31
Firstly I want to tell you tomorrow I will comment your post (epecially I mean Izuskaa and the other my friends).Now I must to tell you I met sb, I met a really nice man who I like and who likes me I think. Now we just only to write sms' but there is (it can feels that) a special atmosphere...we will see, anyway I wish but as I wrote we will see.
sweet dreams
Im always forgetting about a title...
2008-01-17 @ 17:11:35
Im at home now. At work wasnt very good, maybe it gets boring if I tell you still about my humor and at my work etc, oh maybe a litle boring.
Today I will tell you some about my dvd, which is awful, ya its awful. I bought it (I dont remember exactly tyhe time)but it was about 3 years ago, the dvd is by Thompson. I think its good producer but my dvd is very strange and thats why I used it only couple of times.It doesnt playback cd's and dvd's which are not original and this is a bid problem, couse I can only watch movies from library(=a shop where you can borrow records for money) and I cant watch different movies. Its really problem, some time ago I was thinking about selling it by allegro but I stopped couse I dont want to give sth like that to sell(I mean a thing which is not very good)and it still laying on my shelf and only laying and nothing else:) Yes, its very usuful thing, just you can see:)
From different subject: work
I want to change my job, I want to work in Kraków, I dont know exactly where I want to work, I mean what I want to do(?) but Im sure I want to change it. The question is if I can do it, if I can manage it. Oh, I really dont know, But on the other side it can says that if you want sth strongly, you will do that. Hmmm...I wish, I wish so much...I must think about it very carefully, I just must have a good plan how to do that, have a good idea how to do that etcetera. Oh by the way, yesterday for the first time I saw how we write a word :"etcetera", its funny.I saw it when I was watching a movie, where Julia Roberts takes place.It was nice film, but not so good as I expected.
My sister (younger) started to work on January this year, in Kraków of course, and she is very glad of it. I jelaous with it, I mean positive jelaous, Im happy she's happy, but I want to be happy too, as she is:))Gosh, what a word:)
And there maybe will come a day when I will tell you sth like that: "Hey, listen to me!!I'll must to tell you sth important to me!!Guys, I got a job!!I got a job in Kraków!!Ya, I dont believe it!!It couldnt be true!!Im so happy!You can only imagine how Im happy!!I love you guys!!.."""ya, it would be my happy day, so maybe it will come true:)People must have dreams and must dreaming:)OUr life is more interesting than:)
Im lokking forward to that day, the day when I will be really happy person, I mean my job and my personality situation and all this stuff:)
bye bye bye
its almost the evening
2008-01-16 @ 17:59:17
Yes its almost the evening. Outside is darkness.WE should be grateful and I think we are for inventing the lamps:)I cant imagine how it could be if we dont have the light(?)It would be awful, gosh, it would be not very nice:)Our life would be such difficult without the light and without electricity. No ironing, no dishwasher, no washing machine, no computers, no tv, no refrigirators...all this stuff are depended on electricity. Im so happy I live in this time, ya...Im happy.
What can I say more??Today I just havent a special idea, I dont know what to tell you, what to write...I want now to know English very well. But this is a very long way in front of me, the way to talk fluency. But to be sure I must say Im better in English than I was before I established my English blog.Yes, its true.Before -I couldnt write in English anything, maybe a couple words. And now, you can see indeed, I can do it. Sometimes my posts are very long as you could saw and Im really happy.
On Friday Im buying a laptop. Im going shoppin with my collegue, who is an informatician (correctly??). He is a boy and he knows almost everything about computers etc. He even will take me to the shop where his friends work and they will give me a lower price:)Good good, very good:)A very possitive situation!We will go there after work, maybe by his car, what Im saying we should go there by sth car couse we have to take the computer. But wait a minute...My Lord!Im a litle stupied girl!Because a laptop is small!Per moment I just thought Im buying the, you know...heavy and a lot of things, a keybord and etc. Yes, girls sometimes are so stupied:) So eventually we dont need a car. Partly I will pay for this laptop some money, and partly I will take for the rates. Im courious per how long I should pay for my comp???We will see. I think I will love my laptop and I will care after it!
Ok, so now its finish for today, Im going to read some book.
bye bye bye
15th of January
2008-01-15 @ 19:02:18
Ive never titled this way yet:) (I dont know if I wrote that corectly??)
So, now Im home, Im a litle sleep but nm.I'll tell you what happened me this morning. It was 6.55 am and my mum came to my room with a phone saying sb was calling me. I was surprised, I thought who may call me so early(?) I explaine that I was still in a bed, to be sure I was sleeping yet! Ya and that call caused I woke up immediately. ( I start my work at 7.30 am and usually I wake up at 7.oo am). And firstly I thought it was my boss but he wasnt, it was a car driver. He called to order my boss, he said like that:"Maritka I am at your house for 5 minutes, just hurry up, you must go to an office and give some documents to my boss=they were going to kraków, but I thought they did it, I thought they gone at 6 or even earlier as usual, but I was wrong:( So first I was in a shock, I told him I was at pijamas and still in a bed and that I wasnt going at once couse I had to washed up, made up and wore sth on myself. (And do you believe it??I did all this stuff in 5 minutes!!Ya I was in shock too:))) And this way I could give the documents to my boss and every was fine, oh, I was at my office 25 minutes earlier than usually. And I have some conclusion: if you wont too much time to do sth, you must do it in the time you have(Im sorry I think you dont understand what I wrote, but never mind, I dont understand too )) hahaha

kisses for all
2008-01-15 @ 01:03:18
Ya, it was great. I have just returned from my friend. We watched some movies on dvd. She and her family are so nice, her mum always give me sth to eat, to drink, some sweets and whatever:)The movies were very interesting. On Saturday she probably will stay home alone and she proposed me if I stay at night with her, in her house, unless her brother will come home from Kraków. WE will see than. But in my opinion it will be very nice night, new experiances (maybe this is funny for sb but this is the true)and to be truly I wish stay at night in her house.What am I write more..?? Oh, gosh, its so late and I should go to bed, so maybe I will finish this stuff tomorrow or rather today :)
By by there
By friends
2008-01-11 @ 22:21:32
Hi there everyone:)
How do you do on Friday??I think most of you feel fine couse this is the break of school or work. And most of us look forward to Friday. This is the free time to do anything what you want, sleeping to late hours or laying all day on a bed:)if you want ofcourse.
I borrowed 4 movies on dvd and Im going to watch them at my friend's house couse my dvd is broken.The movies are commedies or romantic films:) And besides I have yet one more french movie which is leaved by friend of my sister from France (French version).THe one problem is that I have to look for in "menu" of dvd English version. So I will take a french dictionary and I will check until I find:) I hope this won't be long way...We will indeed.
Tomorrow (as usual) is Kraków and getting up in the morning:(but there isnt a problem in reality.I go there couse I want to go there and this is only my decision and Im glad of it.
I dont know if Im reading the book today yet, Im a bit tired and I have to packing yet. And my brother bought me today a book "Sth blue" by Emily Giffin - this is the longer story of "Sth borrowed". Im really really glad, I must say Im cheerful and Im looking forward to read it. BUt...But I started to read another book and also I borrowed the second another book(I mean "Samotność w sieci), and I shouldnt take them home to long couse another persons want to read it I think.
OK, its enough, my obligation is felt (wypełniony) for today.
bye everyone
have a good night
2008-01-10 @ 21:01:23
I still hope that sth good will happen in my life...but I dont know how long I have to wait for it:( God please help me!
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