2010-11-16 @ 22:31:53
Since August 2009 I haven`t visited this blog. Many things change, so many...
I still chaising my dreams. I become potential driving instructor month ago and now I`m training to be full qualification instructor. It`s difficult exam only 23% people passed it according statistic but I believe that I can do it.
I have close friend from Latwia who talk in English and cook great ;)It is great time, and many post to writte about our relation, maybe soon I`ll write something more about it.
I`ve started to train joga and go regulary to gym and sauna. Joga is something which completly suprised me, after trainings I feel more energy and I can more focus on daily things.
So many thins change for this year...
And I look at my card of dreams and every year is more curiously ;)

See You soon
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