My lasts weeks
2009-08-09 @ 14:11:20
I had three good weeks after back from holiday. Most of time I had good thoughts and happy state. I regulary train in the gym,swim in the nice swimming pool, do good performance at work and have time to relax.
I had couple good conversations in English and I`m more confidence when I talk with foreign people. But last time I didn`t have time to regulary learn language but it will change from today ;) One of my goal is to learn 4 new words everyday - new habbit to overcome.
Car -I read more magazines about cars becose I need this knowlege, I think I will be abble to change oil in my car.
I overcome my habbits everyday and I`m more happy in this. I can say that I have got more discipline in my moves.
Career - lifeguard,bodyguard, driving instructor or gym instructor one of this profession give me happy nowadays.
Relationship - Desperate Housewifes, wedding, couple argues last times and grill today evening, sometimes I`m very confiuse.
It`s good period in my life and I say that I`m happy. Problems are difficult but attidiude is I can defeat everything.(11)
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