2009-07-17 @ 17:27:35
And I,am in my small town to the east of Poland. Travel was horrible. Airplane first late 30 minutes then when was landing was shaking .I scared becose day before flight I read news about plane which crashed and more than 100 people died. After plane we had problem with communication, there was traffic jam in the city center (like everyday in Warsaw) and we late for train.
At last we got to train and we have good travel , suprise is that we got air-conditioning. And finally I met with my Parents. Mum did delicious supper. Then I went to walk and met my two old mates Buła and Śmietana they grew and were really big .I didn`t see them one year and after year I was very suprised. I love walking in the night in my old small town. Walk,music and memories...a lot of memories. (10)
2009-07-13 @ 12:31:36
One time I was at GP about advise becose I`ve got backache and pain in knee. He was angry and thought that I was feigning, he gave me painless gel and told that I am abble to work. I want to trust him and use gel and back to work....I wasn`t abble to do my duties I was too weak and I back at home.
I`ve change my GP and the second give me pills ,some advice and statutory of sickness without problem. He was more kind and have more knowledge.
I still want to know more and I visited company`s GP and she listened me and wrote rapport about my pain in back, only this.
Today I visited new GP and he was very all right , he shows me more excersise, listened me and help me in case of work.
Different approaches, different people if I say after first appointment: Gp in England are useless I will close my mind to other opportunities. I don`t give up and I visited four GP`s and I`ve founded GP who really help me in my pain, give me knowledge and good word. (9)
Good week
2009-07-12 @ 16:44:52
This was good week. On Wenesday I pass exam ESOL 1 Literacy. Visit gym three times and done three good trainings.
I have got final written warning at work but next day I gave appeal to human resources with my letter. I was at swimming pool and beat new record 64 lines, yeeaahhh ;)
On Friday with my Girfriend we went to city center to dance. I have booked appointment with GP becose I need extra days when I will be on holiday and Gp angreed and gave me permision - yesss.
I have now dificullt moments at work so I prepare to difficult conversations with managers by watching All Mcbill with Iva, we have good fun. I awake this weekeng that employers have much more rights than in Poland and we can fight about our rights successful.
With Iva I had one bad day we try understand our behavior but something wasn`t ok. But we still want to build our relation.
I have had five days difficult so this weekeng award for me is icecreams and much sleep ;) (11)
2009-07-08 @ 19:44:52
I`ve known about finished my conversation with main manager before it start. I got accident at work month ago with english driver who had finall written warning and if now company give him penalty points he will be must say goodbye. But why company must lose very good perfomer if is chance to give faulty polish driver who has clear situation . Even witness don`t be need becose he is my ,,friend,, and beter independent witness will be first line manager who was standing behind our colision trucks. And didn`t see nothing.

Sometimes life is very unfair. Yesterday I got my finall written warning for accident which I didn`t cause. I have video record, I have polish witness, I still have got backache and I lose. Sometimes life is very unfair. (9)
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