2009-06-07 @ 20:18:01
On of the most important lesson which I`ve learnt here in England is: don`t be nice for everybody.
We live in crazy times where we can meet people who cheats,stole or get from you everything valuable. Mechanic wants too much money, employer commands impossible things, familly want to tell you their old rulles, man in property agency wants your money, your old mate wants your girlfriend. If I`m a nice guy for these people I`ll lose respect to myself and lose all of this things.Victims bringing predators this is a nature low.

The first thing is to be nice for yourself. Nobody won`t respect you if you don`t respect yourself. If I`ll be quietly and nice man ,pigs eat my things, respect and motivation. The best way is to be honey in your needs and don`t scare talking about your rulles.

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