2009-06-11 @ 21:24:40
I`ve just finished read book ,,Dealer,, Camerona White`a. Since 2008 I`ve focused on motivation books and I need change. ,,Dealer,, tells story English man - Mo who lifes go around sell and take drugs. From London, Amsterdam, New York, Los Angeles, Berlin to Australia he goes drug path. His favourite sentence is : ,,work hard, play hard, fuck hard,,. He loves money and drugs, the best moment in his life is good transaction and kef. From bussinesman who has a lot of money in London clubs to dirty narcotician who steals money young kids in Zoo station in Berlin. Kef is the most important, kef shows way in life, from taste views to see voices, from one kef to another. He shows point dealer, drug addict and normal man who wants good part with surprise. He shows dark side drugs. At the end of story , he met woman. He become man with hope. Hope gives him strength to fight with new day.He found love to his close friends. And have strenght to figh with nightmares and live without kef. (15)
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