2009-05-31 @ 00:12:31
Where are money ? How do you understand wealth ? Does everybody can be rich ? If my English will be better I get more money ?

Yes,off course. More skills, more money. But practical skills, not pieces of paper which give you only dry theory. I never been good student. I get poor marks, and when I study managment and marketing I was passing my exam in autumn sesion.
I never believe that study give me money. My Parents believe in school. In past I care only about good party . But like world we are changing too.
Times I don`t worry about tomorrow gone. I`m nearly 26 years old and work in warehouse in boring work in England. I want to finish work in 45 years old. How to do it ? I have some ideas. I must only find good investment. Some stock, shares, house which give me money, investment fund, bussines where I`m owner, propertys, bills of exchange, evrything which gives money in this time. Ok, my ideas finished. It`s time to go to bed.

Good night


2009-05-19 @ 00:56:35
I`ve just back from work. It was day similar to other days :the same trucks,pallets, locations, people, behaviors, weather. It`s rain from one week...ehh I can`t complain.
Much thoughts, too much... After one year and six months I`ve felt very comfortable and confidence in my company. I must find something different , better thought, better attitude,better work...

Safari - Knowley Park
2009-05-17 @ 22:54:03
I always think that safari is only in Africa, in warm climate. England country where rain and wind are mains elements of nature and all the time people talking about healt and safety rulles, how can be real Safari park ?
How I was suprised when my mate said me : ,, I`m going to see lion and give monkey banana`` .I couldn`t believe and I must be sure about it. I,ve checked all Safari in net and I`ve founded three Safari parks.

Next day I, My girfriend and our friends have gone to see all these animals which are going outside cages. Road had taken us 3 hours in one way . After 3 hours at least we have come to Knowsley Safari park. One adult ticket cost 12 pounds and road in Safari is long 5 miles.

Ok, we start new adventure ! ;)

At beginning we`ve seen ostriches which were walking aroung the cars and about tweenty deers
which were lie or walking on the ground and were watching tourists. I was enjoy view and was waiting for more. After them we have seen tiger in cage which was very unpatient he was walking from one to other side cage, I think he was bugged it is not enviroment for him.

Next we have gone to lions and it was really fantastic ! Lions have walked next to our cars, fought with each other and even we have seen situation when they have made love (we have got movie ;).I write also about area where were baboons. Baboons have red asses, jump everywhere and all time want to eat and play like most monkeys.I`ve got two baboons in front of windscreen, one on the roof my car and one on the wing mirror. One`s wanted to take my girlfriend purse, the second has wanted go inside car, there was moments where was really dangerous, and moment good fun with them.
We also have seen ax deers, wallabies,buffalos,camels, zebras and many many more. I haven`t time to write how this animals look and what else we`ve seen , but I really recomend everybody to go and those animals. It`s interesting experience.
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