Trust, Honest and Respect
2009-04-20 @ 00:15:56
Three values: trust, honest and respect for me are the most important in relationship. Without them I will be like a blind man which want to play in basketball.

These values can create love. Everybody have different meaning this words I know. Everybody have their own dictionary inside head. And the good way is explain each other these words.

If one of us interrupt one of the rules, we must talk about it. We must talk, talk, talk... There must be understanding our needs and behavior. And understanding can be the most important goal in conversation.

Why man and woman argue ? He or she want to impose his/her will. It is waste of time, we can make love in this time.

Partnership not dictatorship. There must be ballance.

On average 40% couples broken after 10 years, after one year sex is very boring (thank good somebody made kamasutra and sex gadgets ;)). I don`t belive in this statistic. I don`t want belive in them. I want to belive in deep feelings and happy relations.

One of the good question in relation is : How our relation can be better ?

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