2009-04-18 @ 19:49:50
Dreams showing me way in life. Dreams are my vision which give my power to wake up every morning.

In February 2008 at beginning year I painted my goals on the piece of paper.Sometimes I look at this piece of paper and imagine how I can reach this things. Women with good heart, fast car, bungee jump, visit mountain and sea, go to college, meet couple interesting people, read 20 books, improve my voice and do regular excersise. For me these were all world, this stimulus and show me the way. I reached some of them. Some of them I going to do in this year, there is some which will be all my life.

The most important thing is continuos developing myself. My mind, body and spirit. Every day I try to be better I know that there is a lot of work before me.

In 2009 I want to have strong relationship with my girfriend, learn to dance,
visit couple times mountain and sea, go to Greece, Scotland, London, Alton Tower and Blackpool, and of course Poland. Speaking in English corectly in gramma, have better voice. Earn a lot of money, read 15 books and finish cours with good performance in college. Do sixpack and big arms on the gym of course and have knowledge about proper food.

Is it possible ? Without any doubt. How I do this ? I have good plan.

I can do it, I`m sure.
See you tomorrow ;)

Third day of illness
2009-04-18 @ 01:23:24
Today I start day wonderfully. In the morning my Girlfriend did me wonderfully surprise, and after it I have energy all day. At work I have three good conversation in English with employees. Today I had more confidence then yesterday when I was talking, and I really enjoy conversation.

When I back to home, my Butterfly made me delicious polish Rosół....mmmmmm

I feel much better today so in the afternoon after work I went to solaria. I join there two weeks ago and I`m verry happy to results.I almost look like Brazilian, my skin looks healthier and is little brown.

After solaria we went - I and Butterfly for a walk and talk about our last month in England, future, fat women, cricket and animals.

I think that relationship is one of the best thing what happened me in last years. I`m sure that I don`t understand women, but I also sure that woman are living flowers (Not every offcourse ;)) With my second half I am ready to bigger goals and I am more responsibility. Nowadays I don`t drink until morning, drive car like stuntman or don`t care about tomorrow.

Many things changed. When I look at past five,ten years ago, I see big change. And when I look at future, I see my dreams. I know that those dreams will be these dreams ;) I must be patient and do my plan.

This is my third day in blog, If everybody read this sentences thank you for your time and see you tomorrow ;)

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