The second day of illness.
2009-04-16 @ 22:11:53
I feel beter than yesterday but still I have got fever and blocked nose. I took pills, drank medicine and after work I went to bed and slept three hours. This is my second day when I can`t go to mehanics and repair brakes in my car. I just got up after dinner snooze and feel better, I want to make love with my girlfriend ;) But I don`t strong enought to go to a gym, maybe tomorrow.

I watched to movie about.....abou fear, art and mysterious love. Tittle is ,,Vicky, Christina, Barcelona. Movie tell story two womens. They see relationship in so different way but both fall in love in the same man. He is a painter and can burn their heart .He shows Vicky deep sense of love and help Christina find her passion and way to be better artist.

I have read good opinion abot movie with Tom Hanks the ,,Cast away`` and dowloaded it. Tomorow I`ll watch it.

Today I had three longer conversations in Eglish and some short in my work. I have burned when I was talking with main Manager. I`ve forgotten words and have done long break.....It was nightmare ! But I don`t give up, i will be talk in English and I will be good. Yess, I will ! I must talk, talk, talk, read and do more gramma. From next week starting my English course in College - reading esol 1. It takes 5 weeks, and I have hope to improve my pronounciation skills.(22)

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