2009-07-17 @ 17:27:35
And I,am in my small town to the east of Poland. Travel was horrible. Airplane first late 30 minutes then when was landing was shaking .I scared becose day before flight I read news about plane which crashed and more than 100 people died. After plane we had problem with communication, there was traffic jam in the city center (like everyday in Warsaw) and we late for train.
At last we got to train and we have good travel , suprise is that we got air-conditioning. And finally I met with my Parents. Mum did delicious supper. Then I went to walk and met my two old mates Buła and Śmietana they grew and were really big .I didn`t see them one year and after year I was very suprised. I love walking in the night in my old small town. Walk,music and memories...a lot of memories. (10)

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