2009-07-13 @ 12:31:36
One time I was at GP about advise becose I`ve got backache and pain in knee. He was angry and thought that I was feigning, he gave me painless gel and told that I am abble to work. I want to trust him and use gel and back to work....I wasn`t abble to do my duties I was too weak and I back at home.
I`ve change my GP and the second give me pills ,some advice and statutory of sickness without problem. He was more kind and have more knowledge.
I still want to know more and I visited company`s GP and she listened me and wrote rapport about my pain in back, only this.
Today I visited new GP and he was very all right , he shows me more excersise, listened me and help me in case of work.
Different approaches, different people if I say after first appointment: Gp in England are useless I will close my mind to other opportunities. I don`t give up and I visited four GP`s and I`ve founded GP who really help me in my pain, give me knowledge and good word. (9)

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