2009-06-24 @ 17:32:43
I have got backache for 3 weeks. When I`am doing permanent moves like walking, cleaning, driving a car I feel much pressur in down my back. I take pills, use warm patches and do excersise five, six times a day. Day by day I suffer. I have visited my GP three times and he couldn`t help me. He didn`t give me important advice only pills and gel.Ehhh
At work thinking that I simulate and want money from insurance. Bullshit, I didn`t want this pain, but insurance will be very all right. When I need help they show me their back.All right understand this shity system. When I`am ill I can`t do performance company doesn`t need me. The second thing - My`s GP said me last time : ,, you have taken other people work. ,, Ehh.....another bullshit. I don`t want this pain. Next month will be interesting. I am going to my girfriend`s sister weeding, investigation at work: one about performance, one about accident and one about absence. I train I`ll have hope to back to work as as possible. I don`t give up. (18)

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