2009-06-15 @ 19:20:12
I sleep 7,8 hours. Two, three times a week I train at gym.I don`t drink alcohol, I eat healthy food, lees sweet and fat in my diet. Everyday English and develop my personality, better comunication and voice. Ehhh, I don`t know where my discipline ran becose since Monday I`ve drank alcohol, I`ve eaten fat food and tons of sweets. I have brake at work, becose my back needs time to recover. And I lie on bed, read books, watch movies, drink alcohol and chating with old friends. I broke discipline and I swim in my old habbits. My load of energy is somewhere in the middle of nothing. Ehh, I don`t give up. Today is new day, new life. Excuses are dead. I am a lad who go active way. My goals waiting for me on the roof, I need a good ladder. Settle thoughts,choose 2,3 goals not more and start work. And don`t drink too much. (12)

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