2009-06-05 @ 21:38:36
I`m an emigrant. I live in England and I don`t know when I come back.Maybe never. Poland ? Only for holiday. I`ve lost many friends. I`ve found love my life. I`ve lost my dreams and I`ve found some new. I haven`t winter from two years but see rain nearly everyweek.

Today I had conversation with my friends from Poland. He finished his study and will be fitness and kickboxing instructor. How wonderfully. He`s got my dream from past. At the moment I`m thinking about my chance in Poland. Where was my chance ? I don`t know until now. Here is good time, good place. My Sister has bought an apartment. My brother has wedding in week. Many old mates who writes his own history live day by day. I miss them .I can`t see this events I`m too far. I understand this is price of emigration . I understand it.


you don't know, how deeply I would be in your shoes... I study law in Poland, but I have my biggest love in Ireland... I'm thinking about emigration since last year, but I'm not able to venture... two years ago I had a dream - to be a lawyer, in Poland. now everything has changed... after 5 weeks far away from home, stay in Poland is difficult. I want to chance, but I'm still dreading. I can gratulate you your decision - I don't have the brass to change my life thanks to my fear...

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