2009-06-04 @ 17:36:43
I finished work today at 3 o`clock. Pain in back or backache this is main reason. I was at my GP and I have appoitment in 5 days. I have 4 days off and I`m happy. From last days I complain about not enough time and I`ve got now 4 days. Four days learn English, read books, watch movies which waiting for me from weeks and much time for my Love.

I had today some conversations in English and I know I need more gramma lessons. I met young English Tim. When I was in clinique I had good conversation with secretary. I speak everything what I want. I try to speak more words with lower sound in voice it help me to more concetrate.

I have a lot of time so for this four days I`ll be write at least one note about my day .

See you soon

I think I need to learn more grammar too,and it's really great you are good at conversations..The most important is breaking the language barriers :)

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