2009-04-22 @ 01:44:35
We have got beautifull spring, in air I can smeel springs flower I see this all green tries and plants and I say to myself : life is cruel. But it was my choose so I can`t complain.

I work inside huge warehoues, here is all the time the same weather windy and cold. Every day the same views.

I work as a warehouse her operative. I drive fork lift truck, picking stocks, loading or unloading trolleys, sometimes training new employees how to picking.

Sometimes I`m really happy with this work. When I meet new people and then train them pickking I fell very good. I like drive fork lift truck but if I do this week by week It become very boring. When I started work I got much satisfaction, new things, new people, after one training the second,week by week I really was happy, now i fell like this very seldom.

Someimes I hate it. Atmosphere is under stress. We have got big norm : fork lift driver has 20 pallets by hour, If you do less you have waste company time and you can have investigation or disciplinary hearing. English people speak fast and very dirty( South Yorkshire ). I haven`t any trainings. I stop develop.

I learning and looking for better jobs. I hope so this year will be last year in warehouse and I found job where I can growing to bigger things in live.

See you soon ;)


Take care in your warehouse and smeel spring flowers and beatiful trees. Everything will be ok.
You must to find own happiness.God luck! :-)
Right,the weather is bautiful-It makes me happy.
I wish you found a better job!I cross fingers crossed for you:-)
Take care and don't worry.

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