2009-04-15 @ 23:54:18
Blog will be my determination ,habbit, everyday routine in learning English. Will be terminator for my excuses. In looking for motivation I stoped here and propably stay here for a long while.

Ok now couple sentence about today.

Today was good day, from 1 to 10 I give him 6,5.
I was ill and took some pills from throat and drenched my feet in the water. In work I spent time in nice atmospere did breakdown with my mate Michael. I had couple good ideas about money. I slept by most of day. My lovely girlfriend take care of my ;) I very appreciate her for it and just I give her big kisssssss ;) Ok done

Good night,
see you tomorrow my English diary

I wish you fervour! I hope that you will be here for long time. I didn't succeed but I come back :)

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