First post...
2007-10-02 @ 23:35:25
Well, it's my first post. Great! I can't write too much. It's late and I've got an english test tomorrow. I wonder if I know all the words which I should. In fact, there aren't very difficult, but I'm so lazy! Woah! I'm a bit ashamed of myself.. but.. person should be optimisstic! Everything will be all right (I hope!)

Oh, I'd forgotten! I got 5 for philosohy for my essay..! Cool:))

Now I must finish the post. I will write something tomorrow. Good night... ;)

Hello Nice to meet you! Congratuliation for a philosophy!
Good day.
i enjoy to gratulations and good luck in writing :)
Hi marigold
Thks for coment. Im happy you are with us, in our english group:) Im glad that I discovered this site couse it is really helpfull in my learning English. I try to be here every day but lately I have some troubles with it. Im doing a lot of different things, thats why I havent got enough time to writing. It was nice what you wrote about waiting for my post:) Today I dont write new post, instead Im writing coments:) But dont worry, I will write tomorrow or on Saturday:)
of course people should be optimistic ;)
Well, I'm lazy too so don't worry. Lazy people can be also ambitious and so am I. It's not so bad ;]

You've got philosophy? Oh.... it's too bad that I don't have such a subject. I wish I had...

Good night ;)

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