Finally Saturday !!! #10
2013-11-30 @ 09:41:56
Saturday boring I'd prefer I go in August to teach.
Friday !!! #9
2013-11-29 @ 15:12:56
Friday and the weekend tomorrow finally do not have to go to school.
Math test. # 8
2013-11-28 @ 06:35:33
Today at school a woman walking in mathematics can give test may I got pozytywnom estimation.
Disco. #7
2013-11-28 @ 06:30:43
Today, at my school there is a disco. I was on it and it was very boring.
Well and again to school: ( #6
2013-11-26 @ 14:17:02
Tomorrow, Wednesday and to school again but not out of this glad :(
Hallo! #5
2013-11-25 @ 16:15:40
Today I got a few good ratings and out of this I'm happy. That's all I can write a blog to see.
Sunday. :( #4
2013-11-24 @ 11:10:40
Sunday and tomorrow to school, study and quiz again from English noto must learn far.☻
Finally the weekend !!! :) #3
2013-11-23 @ 09:47:18
Hello all, finally the weekend and you can kinda rest from school. Finally a'll play on the computer and I will not have to teach in August but only for 2 days. See you in the next post.;)
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