after my excursion: )
2009-10-29 @ 21:59:16
Ehh... yesterday I came back from Wrocław. I saw many buldings, and I was conquer the Ślęża mountain.The weather was very bad (it was raining), and I'm was dripping :/ We were in a beatiful hotel. The beds was very soft, but I didn't sleep because I spoke with my friends.The excursion was very nice ;)
Tomorrow excursion :D
2009-10-29 @ 21:58:56
I'm so verry happy, because I'm going to go to the Wrocław tomorrow. I'll not have the lessons and I'll visit this city. Today, I'm packing my rucksack. Tomorrow, we'll go by train (maybe We'll not heaven a crowd). I hope it'll be nice weather.
Autumn again... :/
2009-10-29 @ 21:58:20
ehh... the autumn started again.It's dark and cold ... I don't like this weather. I want to have a summer! I would like to wear shorts and T-shirt!
Unlucky week ...:/
2009-10-29 @ 21:57:54
Ehh... this week is so hard for me, because I have a lot of tests (by history, chemist, germany and maths) in my highschool. I have many to learn. I want aby this week is to end. Meybe next week will be better.
About me :)
2009-10-29 @ 21:57:14
Hi everyone!
I'm Marcin. It's my first experience with this blog. I was born in Poznań, and I'm sixteen years old. I go to the IX hight school and I'm happy about this. I'm interested in trains and computer games (of course) :) I will be glad to hear something from you.
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