my big comming in 2010 ;)
2010-04-14 @ 21:46:18
ehhh.. yes, today I decited that I must start again to write my english blog. I had a lot of duties, and I forgot about my blog :/
Santa Claus day ;)
2009-12-09 @ 20:40:56
On sunday was Santa Claus day. In the morning when I woke up i found a lot sweets ^^ I love this day.
I' m ill :/
2009-12-09 @ 20:37:45
From last Thursday i'm ill. I'mnot going to hte school. I' m at home 5 days. I have strong cough and catarrh. I' m glad because i can finally take a rest of school :)
second unlucky week :/
2009-11-15 @ 22:32:37
:/ In this week I'll have 4 tests. I have to learn a long time.Tomorrow I have a test of German, on thurstday- Informatic Technologie and English, and on friday- physic. ehhh... That will be hard week :/
My the best week :D
2009-11-15 @ 22:18:04
Yea! This week is the best in 2009 year because I have 16 birthday and name-day :D Last friday I have birthday and today I have a name-day. Today I have a visitors. I got a meny presents :D
All Saints
2009-11-01 @ 18:58:59
Today is All Saints. Every years I go to my cousins in Bielsko-Biała. We dress up and we raise a money and candys for my family alike at Halloween. On first of November always I go with my parents and sister to the cmetery and we light candles up. I like this feast :)
Theatre :)
2009-11-01 @ 18:25:20
29 of October I was in the theatre at "Król Edyp". It was started at 10 o'clock am. There were three classes from my scool. The show was okay and intresting for me, but for someone it was boring. After the show I went with my friend. We wolked to McDonalds and next we went to home.
after my excursion: )
2009-10-29 @ 21:59:16
Ehh... yesterday I came back from Wrocław. I saw many buldings, and I was conquer the Ślęża mountain.The weather was very bad (it was raining), and I'm was dripping :/ We were in a beatiful hotel. The beds was very soft, but I didn't sleep because I spoke with my friends.The excursion was very nice ;)
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