2009-12-15 @ 08:54:19
In last Sunday on Speedway stadium in Poznań was individual tournament: "motoAllegro Szlaka Piastowska 2009". Despite bad weather, on stadium came 5000 fans. On the tournament came the best speedway riders in the world with: Emil Sayfutdinov (Polonia Bydgoszcz), Rafał Dobrucki (Falubaz Zielona Góra), Robert Kościecha (Apator Toruń) and Adam Skórnicki (Wybrzeże Gdańsk). After a thrilling tournament won Rafał Dobrucki 12+3 pts., 2nd was Robert Miśkowiak (KM Ostrów) 12+2 pts. and 3rd was Dawid Stachyra (Stal Rzeszów) 11 pts.
ekstraliga 2 final
2009-10-27 @ 08:52:23
A day later, on sunday, Oktober 25 in Toruń was a revenge match. Six points advance Falubazu Zielona Gora from the first duel in the streets of Wroclawska 69 proved to be sufficient. In revenge match at the MotoArena name. Marian Rose speedway riders Unibaxu Torun not coped with the "Mickey Mouse" and the interrupted during the race nominated lost the match in 38:40 ratio.
GP ydgoszcz 2009
2009-10-18 @ 17:40:43
on Saturday I was in the bydgoszcz speedway grand prix. There is was fantastic. Unfortunately, the gull pedersen ruled gollob the semi-finals.I was very angry.I'm going to go there in next year.
the final centernet mobile speedway ekstraliga
2009-10-10 @ 20:28:33
This week is not nothing special happened except that it is the final centernet Mobile speedway ekstraligi in Sunday.I will necessarily have to watch it!I bet on the Unibax torun. Although I would prefer to win falubaz.Preparing for the big emotions!!!
good weekend
2009-10-05 @ 19:20:32
This weekend was a success. on Saturday I was at a party with a friend.There were classmates 1 c.Party is was very good. In Sunday I was a family.
2009-09-28 @ 18:23:17
Regarding the status of my computer and the motorbike is unchanged.Continue to be broken.On Friday, the school was a party.I laughed a little.
Yestarday I got my first one from English.
Bad day
2009-09-21 @ 19:52:21
Yesterday I had a very bad day.First I wanted to do the homework with the English broke down my computer.Then I went to Murowana Goślina to do the homework.After completion of the homework, I met up with friends.When I wanted to go home, my motorbike broke down.Now I have to ride a bicycle on the bus. :(
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