I'm new here.
2007-04-13 @ 13:15:07
Hi. My name is Marcin and I'm 19.
I'm from poland and I live in Warsaw.
I've got two brothers.
I don't know english, but I'm learn him (?).

hmmm y do u h8 Poland ? it's a nice country u know.. and u know when u write : i leran him u should write i learn it . .. srry 4 unmistaken u but tht hw u wrtite it ... anyway good luck with ur language
Julie Cotrill
Welcome :)
(I am learning it)
Warsaw is a very interesting city.
Regards from the southern Poland
Hi Marcin
Marcin give me at least one sensible reason why you do not like this country maybe just only Warsaw? The rest of our country apart from a few the biggest cities in poland are very cool. As for a political situation in Poland is very strange indeed. In spite of your young age you should think forward otherwise you will follow of many expatriates example. Honestly I am one of them and I am personally convinced that I made the right decision. At the moment I am sitting at the computer screen and writing the above email
and of course I am paid I would say- quite well.
Sorry for my the longest email so far.
Anyway do not give up and do all your best to become one of the successful businessman in your motherland.

Have a nice day

I can't answer for this question in english.
Sorry about that.
Hi Marcin
It is OK. It makes no difference for me but I am insist on receiving any response from you regarding a hard situation in Poland in Polish of course.
By the way which part of Warsaw do you live?

Have a nice whole day

czesc marcin jak chcesz to ci zrobie loda :)
Praga Północ.
tam mieszkasz ?
Te blog chyba ma być po ang., to że ja nieznam go nic nie zmienia (od dwóch miechów się uczę, zatem jestem pełna amatorka:).

To tak mieszkam tam i jeszcze pomieszkam przez trzy lata, później emigracja do England lub Ireland.
Hi a stupid Marcin.
I have never expected speak to so stupid boy like you Mracin.You are a very badly- behaved boy I would say much more just a son of the bitch. I did no know that you are a gay.
As for a blowjob you can do it for yourself.
Both Ireland and England do not need so
assoles like you.
Do not put for answers my nickname.
Sorry for everybody taking part this blog except Marcin for my french.
Stop responding in that way.
jestes geyem ? marcin??
No, I'm not.

Guest, you're stupid.
Gościu, Anglia ani Irlanida też nie potzrebuje takich dupków jak ty.

Nie lubię tylko Polski, a tu taki dym:).
Nie lubię głównie za to, że każdy w moim wieku to potencjalny gangster, a ja nim nie jestem, przez co jestem gorzszy.
That's all.
hi a shit eating Marcin
The diffrence between us is that I have been in London for over two years now but you are a gay from Praga Polnoc the worst part of Warsaw . What s more I am employed as a white collar worker at the Center of London but you Marcin you are a common gay .
Stop offending me by your rough maybe you come from a one parent family or so.
Most of the worst gangsters come from exactly from Praga Polnoc.
Take care of yourself.
I'm not fucking gay.
Co wy z tym "gejem":)
Pozatym niemoja wina, że mieszkam na pradze północ.
Osobiście mam dośc tego kraju, polityków, bezrobocia (i przedwszystkim niskich zarobków) etc.

Póki co nie jestem gangsterem i nie zamierzam.
Hi Marcin
Never mind the blogs above .
Marcin I agree with you that the situation in Poland is really hard - no prospects for the normal living anyway try to have a good command both written and oral english and after coming it does not matter where you will able to find a well-paid job.
Never give up I wonder who will stay in Poland in the near future I suppose only the retired people .

have a good day

You're right.
Tylko emeryci zostaną.
sam powiedziles ze jestes gejem ... ktos napisal : jak chcesz to ci zrobie loda :) a ty na to :praga polnoc tak jakbys chcial zeby ten ktos przyjechal do ciebie i ci go zrobil... odp.
Naucz się czytać, nic takiego nie pisałem.
"Praga Północ" odpowiedziałem na pytanie: By the way which part of Warsaw do you live?

I nikogo do siebie nie zapraszałem!!!
fuck off u cant even write in english so plis just stop. coz u r not real gd @ it !! and by the way :PISS OFF
Hey Kinia
You wrote so bad words.Do not swear no more please.By the way how old are you my darling? if you are a she not a he.
I stopped writing the blog with Marcin because of his stupitidy.Tell me about yourself more
for instance interests , hobbys and etc if you want to be in touch with me of course.
Tomorrow is my last day off after coming back to work on Thursday and I will be working eight days in a row- long hours 12 a day so possibly I will be overworked to contact you.
Fortunately at the begginig of May I am going on holiday the longest so far the whole two weeks this time to Chicago .Hopefully I wil take a good rest just not only work and work.
Take care of yourself Kinia
Bo nieznam angileskiego.
Fuck you, too.
Marcin fuck yourself do not be so naughty.
If you want to join our blog first learn english. This blog is solely for the english speaking people. Marcin what is the diffrence beetwen FUCK YOU and FUCK OFF?
This is a homework for you today you can answer in polish.

Have a nice day

Fuck you i Fuck off to prawie to samo.
Fuck you-pierdol się, a fuck off-spierdalaj.
Jak się nie mylę.
hey u know wat (marcin) fuck u and fuck off is almost da same but i hve 2 noe tht between DA SAME and ALMOST DA SMAE is a big difference. So plis wrt propely. I actually want 2 write a F word 2 u but som other person ask me not 2:) so i ll not and noe 2 Danielek coz tht ur name isnt it u can write on my email adress : kingakinia@hotmail.com coz in here is not 2 gd 2 write coz OTHER ppl c it si if u want 2 write just write :)
Hi Kinga
I just now sent an email to you I hope you respond me as quickly as possible.
i jusr answerd u and im waiting for ur
ale wy popaprance jestescie i z tego co tu wynika to nie marcim jest pedalem tylko danielek a ty kinia po angielsku moze i pieszesz ale rozum to masz malutki

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