Finish :c
2014-12-31 @ 22:35:00
It is the last day of my blog :( Sorry everyone who was visiting my blog. I think that you enjoy of my blog!I have only one question: Who are you mysterious "dd"??? You don't have blog and you know XD love everybody :*** <3 <3 <3
2014-12-31 @ 22:20:45
Ofcourse you know that today is (tadadadam) New Years Eve! I am with my twin sister and my twin sister's friend but I can say that it is paaarty!!! Only three person XD
2014-12-30 @ 22:13:06
Sorry that I didn't write yesterday... I forgot :( Today I was learning biology because I will have a test when I'll go to school after the Christmas. I wasn't learn a lot :p Don't think that I am crazy XD Tought... ;p
Hobbit :D
2014-12-28 @ 23:02:47
Hello! Today I was watching 3rd part of the "Hobbit"! It is fantastic film :) I recommend it very much. I like it!!! Love us! :* so let's watch this movie.
2014-12-27 @ 23:18:46
Today I was visiting my grandparents. Now I am watching a film. Bye bye!
2014-12-26 @ 23:41:36
Today was snowing :( I don't like snow! Then is cold and I don't like when is cold. So... I just don't like winter :c I don't have any happines of it. But I wish you happy from the winter.
Illness :c
2014-12-25 @ 23:54:35
I'm ill... But I am not sad. I am with my family and it's enough for me to be happy! So... Let's spend this beautiful time with your families!! :***
St. Claus
2014-12-24 @ 22:11:13
Today is Christmas Eve and I was pretending a st. Clous. It was funny. I had red hat with pompom. I love Christmas!!!
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