It's so hot....
2006-07-24 @ 21:00:33
Hello!!! I'm sorry... I couldn't write earlier because I was at my grandmother's house. She hasn't got a computer :(
I promissed You that I write something about my friends. Well...
My best friend is Magda. She has blond hair (but she isn't stupid :P)and beautiful blue eyes... We are friends about 5 years. It's very long. We have fought lately... But now it's ok :)I remember when Magda threw her wallet with tray to the rubbish... The rubbish in Mc Donald's. It was so funny!!! We had so much adventures... Very funny adventures :) I hope that We will friends always. I will write here something shortly. Kisses, BYE :*
My love
2006-07-01 @ 11:33:57
I've got a boyfriend. We are together for two years. His name is Marcin. Our love is a very strange history. We got to know at the disco in school. In my school. I write something about him.
Marcin is 18 years old. He likes listening to techno (sometimes disco polo :D). We are almost the same... But I am a woman. He likes discoes, matches and great fun. He loves pizza and... me of course :D He's very tanned (mmm.. I love it! This is like chocolate). He has got dark blond hair, brown eyes but... he is short (just like me). Ok... I must stop write about him. At the next note I will write something about my friends.

Kisses :*:*:*:*
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