I came back
2006-09-21 @ 15:45:03
I came back. I feel better. School began :( It's so sad... I'm in the last class of my school and I have to study all the time. My teacher's are crazy! I can't stand it anymore! They think that we have got a big brains... The worst is chemistry and biology. Full of stress :( I dream about holidays or weekend though... I'm so tired day by day... BYE

just like in song :) 'hold on little girl...' you're not forloned with your problems. Keep on moving, keep on trying :D
green day
hi malutka 91's. I'm 15 years old too :). and i have a problem with my blog. i can't login, i mean when i write my password, there'll appear site with error and system can't open my site :/ dunno why... maybe u had the same problem? please help :D PAULINA
was it your comment on my blog? i didn't quite get it - what is ==**? anyway, thank's for the visit, I hope soon I'll put up some paintings by my favourite artists..

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