It's not easy
2006-08-13 @ 16:02:32
Writing in English isn't easy... Maybe that's why I write here very seldom. I've got also 2nd blog. Blog in Polish language. But it's protect on a password because I don't want boast of my life...It's only for me... I don't write posts for comments. It's not important. Blog is a form of diary. My private diary. I don't understand girls (and sometimes boys) which write sad stories only for comments!!Sometimes I find blogs where girls (predominantly they are 15 - 16 years old) write that they will have a baby! It's pitiful! Tell me, what do You think about it? It's stiring up pity...
If I did mistakes, please, inform me of that. Thank You very much :*:*

Yor're right - it's not easy to write in here - that's why I want to wish you plenty of patience and strong will.
But I'm surprised a little bit... you're saying you don't write for comments... and then write 'Tell me, what do you think about that?'
Well... I think those, who write 'sad stories' (as you called them) have their own reasons. Sometimes people can't solve their problems and want to share them with others. I don't agree it's pitfull. Some just don't have any hospitable person close enough to listen to them.
Think everytime you write about others, 'cause you can carelessly harm someone.

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