Hi everyone!
2007-05-01 @ 14:29:53
Hello! I'm Caroline and I'm fourteen years old.
I live in Jastrzębie Zdrój. Hmm... Are there any more to be had? :) I'm first class and this is my first english blog, so I'm some upsed. Besides my english is very, very weak :(
But finnaly I purpose learn english. I hoppe I can it :/:/

Yoy're desire good luck for me!:D:D

Alex :):)
No no no :) Your english ist better than my :P
You learn not long. I learn 6 years and I know not much. :) But I`ve english only in school.
Write a new. :D
Thx!:) This is very nice.
I'm feeling better now at once...:):):)
hi carolina Im jakob I live in łódź I dont speak English very well I lerne English one years I love swim and Eishockey .

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