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http://www.footbag.org/reference/images/3/3e/Ifpa-wfc-2007-header.pngInternational Footbag Players' Association, Inc. (IFPA) is the biggest organization of footbag in the world. We can login at this page at:

Then we are one of the footbag players.
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Planet Footbag
2010-01-06 @ 18:34:42
It is the most popular firm which is making bags. For example I prefer this one to another.
Something about Footbag
2010-01-05 @ 17:36:44
Hello!!! My name is Daniel and I want explain to you what the footbag is. So:
A footbag is a small, round bag, sometimes referred to generically as a hacky-sack. (Hacky Sack is the trademarked name of a specific type of footbag). The western incarnation of the sport was invented in 1972 by two men from Oregon City, Oregon, Mike Marshall and John Stalberger. Marshall and Stalberger later sold the rights to the Hacky Sack to Wham-O inc in 1983.

Footbag also refers to the sports that are played with a footbag. These sports are characterized by controlling the bag by using one's feet.
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