2007-10-18 @ 12:16:30
I found the job.I work in the Pizzeria.I like the work but is there sometimes hard.
2007-09-11 @ 17:11:18
I'm Polish.I am live in Dublin.I'm in Dublin one month.I looking for a job.
My story
2007-09-11 @ 17:00:31
I'm twenty six.I have little son.His name's Jakub.His three years old.Jakub are very impetuous;-) and very funny.My husband Arek to work every day but his don't work in Sunday.Arek very like to fisch.I love my husband and my son.
2007-09-11 @ 16:26:00
I'm Marta.
Welcome everyone in my blog.I'm looking for a good teacher conversation.Help me.Thank you very much;-)
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