2014-07-19 @ 21:39:18

I'm working on English all the time to make it better. Apart from that I'm still looking for a job. I feel little depressed of that and I'm so stressed by all this. Today I've received really weird call. Some guy contact with me about job but he was so incomprehensible and finally he hang up. That wasn't my fault. Apart from that I would like to share with you great website. It's really helpful to improve skills and it's telling short funny stories about the main role called Anna. Check it out.
2014-07-16 @ 13:25:06
I would like to prepare an interview and make progress so I decide I'll write here everything concern my daily life. I would be grateful If you could correct my mistake
A the beginning I wanna to put useful phrases about talking on the phone.

Conversation I
Hi I'm calling about e mail which you send me today. I would like to make an appointment and complete my registration.

Conversation II
- Hi Can I speak to Ms. Kowalska
- Speaking, Who' calling?
- Mr Green
- Hold on I'll put you through
- I'm afraid Ms Kowalska is not available at the moment. She is in a meeting now. Would you like to leave a message for her?
- No thanks, fine. I will call her back later.

job job
2014-07-16 @ 12:57:12
Today I woke up at 9. I haven't eaten breakfast yet because I'm worry what will happen if I don't find a job. On top of that I feel really up set that my English isn't very good and it's not enough to make an interview succeed.
2014-07-15 @ 20:45:12

I'm new in this place. At the moment the most important thing for me is improve me English skills. Actually I'm spending my holiday in Scotland and I'm trying find a job. I would like to easy communicate with local people. I hope this blog help me to make progress and achieve rewarding level.
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