2007-08-05 @ 13:00:34
hello my friends
Im sorry I couldnt write here for some time.
greetings for all:)
and to Sheep-ek: I call you sheepek couse I like "zdrobnienia"- Im sorry for polish, I cant find this word in my dictionary:( and I havent time right now to find it somewhere else so have a good time!!
see you somewhen later:)
I will miss you
2007-08-01 @ 17:41:28
She's come back:)My sister is in Poland:)I think we will talk all night:)but unfortunatelly I have to go tomorrow to work:(I hadn't a day off.
Now she is eating thats why Im writing:)

kisski to asiunia, sheepek i isabelitka and to all of you
to my guest:)
2007-07-31 @ 19:39:35
Today will be very shortly couse I have to tidy up my room before coming back my sister which is tomorrow:)
About my job:I will fold up mobile phones and pack them up to some boxes (I hope:)
Now we only wait for a phone call from England- from a friend of my father's collegue. I hope every will be like he told:)
I feel some fear but I want to try it very much.
Today I bought a nice jacket couse there is cold and rainy as you know:) and a pleasant blouse.
And also I was at doctor's and at dentist's
Im so curious how there will be like...

every is changing
2007-07-30 @ 20:03:12
Every is changing minute after minute)
Yesterday I wasnt feel good but today I feel so good:)Everything will be ok:)Im going to England trully!!!Im going at the end of August or at the beginning of September!!Im so happy!!I will earn 7 pounds:)per hour.Its marvellous!!Im going with my friend and maybe with her father. We only wait for a phone call.
Im thinking what I have to take to England and Im looking for some helpful English websites on the internet.
And my sister is coming back from Germany tomorrow:)Im looking forward to see her like all of our family:)
And the weather at the seaside is so-so unfortunately:(
YOu know Im really exciting!I have to buy so many things indeed-especially I have to buy a laptop and hair-dryer and some clothes:)and some pills and .....oh, there is a lot of necessary things:)
kisski for everyone

Isabelitka is really a nice person
good evening
2007-07-29 @ 21:58:25
I cant help stopping myself to write sth on Sunday:)I decided to write every day nth metter what its about but important is writing and practising!
Today I have a hedeache and I was sleeping during the day.You know its migrena's problem:(I got up a few minute ago I have to take a bath and sleeping again. Oh I eaten some salat and two potatos (its the rest of a dinner)after my standidng and also some cake:)Im going to do some tea couse IM a little thirsty.
I wish Im not younger couse I could to do diffrent things and my life would be better I think. I would chose another study etc...another work and every would be different.
I dont want to go to work tomorrow, I hate standing early and all about:(
My family are having fantastic fun at the seaside. They're so happy they chose this hotel.And the sea.........marvellous.
And I??I had to go to England on August but every is changing:( I dont believe I will go there indeed...........
I feel not very good at this moment.
I want to tell you I was learning today a little English-you know- by fiszki:)))
thats all
take care my firends Isa and sheepek:)
bye bye
Hola! it means"hello"in spanish:)
2007-07-28 @ 19:20:50
So its evening yet. My uncle with his family have just gone home. They were coming to my mum's nameday. Oh, I must say I dont like much them:(Im sorry for this statement. IM asking myself if it possible to have a nice family indeed? We (our family) have so different point of such many things. And about behave...
And also their daughter is getting marriage for 2 weeks and I dont yet if I will go.I want to stay at home but I dont know yet. My sisters talk to me to go.I really dont know.
Im listening romantic songs of Chris de Burgh now and Im a little getting dreamer...I like his songs very much, my favourite song is "The lady in red".Its so relaxing to me.Im thinking about him- who I havent met yet unfortunately, you know- the one and onlyyyyyy.Im still waiting for him:((so please, come to me hunny.Its so hard- waiting and waiting and waiting....I wish to know him as soon as possible.....Im waiting for that moment when I'll meet you and then I'll never give you back to anybody:))))Ive met with sb but there is not what I want, there is not what I wish.
My sister called again. Nephiew is so happy he is at the seaside!!!He escaped to sea when she was talking to me:))You know the weather is so-so and they were wearing a sweater or jacket. And nephiew didnt care about it...only jumped to the sea on boots and trousers...and he couldnt go to the coast:)He was crying so they have to took off the trousers and thats all- he was at the sea only on a nappy and sweater ofcourse:)
oh, I decided in the morning I will to iron in the evening so my decision must will come thrue. You know what it means...I go:(
see ya next time
2007-07-28 @ 12:27:02
Today is Saturday so I dont have to wake up early.I dont have to go to work.I got up at 11.30 am:)But I think it was a little too much sleeping:)You know I feel like not me but never mind:)
MY sister called us from the seaside. When she was calling they were at a beach. I could hear my nephiew's smile on a receiver:)He was just looking at a ship at that moment. And there is one problem...you know the weather. There was raining:( but they were taking it easy. They want to relax indeed, to change milieu and have a rest really. They have never been at the seaside besides my brother.
However they were feeling good during the drivig. They were driving all night.They were changing on driving a car. My brother in low was driving mostly but my sister was driving too - to b.in low could take a nap for a while:)
So now Im alone home with my parents. YOu now is a little strange, for example preparing a dinner.There is only 3 people and always there is 7 people:)Today isnt even 50 % of our family:))))
And mum today still is going to pickle and you know who will clean jars ...there is only one person who can do that...yeah, its meeeeeeee:))))))))) It isnt funny, is it???
I think I can do that indeed. ("Indeed"- I like this word).
Today at night I was dreaming a lot. I dont remember exactly what is about but I remember I was going by bus somewhere I didnt know where:( I remember I was feeling a fear.I couldn get off the bus.
I have to finish now...jars are waiting for me:))Im so happy of that, really!!!I couldnt wait for them:)
I think I will be here later.
Goodluck fo myself

bye everyone
2007-07-27 @ 20:41:49
My brother has just cut the grass and I dont feel good now couse Im an allergic person especially for the cutting grass.And now I have a hay fever and my eyes are itching and they are puffed:( I dont take any pills couse I dont want to do that.
My family is going at 10 pm today evening at the seaside.
My 2 years nephiew is pretending he is writing a magazine now:) He is talking to himself:))Its so funny:)
Today I take a payment so Im happy. I did a list of my shopping:)and there are a lot of thong I must to buy:)I decided I will buy some cosmetics and some clothes and maybe if I can afford to -I go to a hairdresser:)And also I have to pay my brother in low back:(Today I paid for my telephone account and some loan to the bank.Im always feeling not good if I have to do that:(Its so unfair:(I want to have a higher salary.
I think I go to bed early today couse Im really sleepy.
Oh I wasnt a moment here couse I have to answer a phone. Its my brother's girl who has come to England (only for 2 weeks) to her father who has worked there.
What else...? My mum is pickling now outside and dad is companing her.
I wish to know English very well:)in writing and speaking but I wonder if its possible indeed???????
Greetings for all of you - especially for Isabelitka and Asiunia:)))))))
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