2011-01-26 @ 18:10:24
Only two days!
I can't beleve it!
2 weeks without school!
I can not wait. It will be great time.
I want to go to Wrocław for few days.

I eat too much sweets.
Never mind.
6 days
2011-01-19 @ 20:04:54
6 days of school and winter holiday will start.
Today is very hard day, I'm really tired. :(
I must lern a lot. I don't like it.

I'm listening Bob Marley now.
'Standing across the room I saw you smile
Said I wanna talk to you for a little while
But before I make my move
My emotions start running wild
My tongue gets tied
And thats no lie
Im looking in your eyes
Im looking in your big brown eyes '

La la la :D
See you .
2011-01-09 @ 15:25:04
I don't write for a long time.
There was lots of different things to do.
It's sunday and I'm scared becouse tomorrow school started.
It's terrible ;D

See you!
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