2010-11-27 @ 18:36:31
Ye, it's weekend.
I love saturdays ! :)
I'm waiting for my friends now, and then we're going to go to our friend Łukasz for party.
It will be great evening :)
See you!

ps. There is lots of snow in my town !
2010-11-22 @ 19:50:21
Hello everyone :)
Every day become colder and colder, it's terrible.
Now we are singing songs. And my friend Anna play guitar. My 'sister' Jagoda singing with us. :)

I'm looking forward weekend! :)
We're having 'Andrzejki'
2010-11-16 @ 17:31:00
Long weekend in Wrocław was great.
I met my friend Paulina. We talked a lot and shared our news.

This week will be awful. It's lots to teach.

2010-11-07 @ 15:56:33
Happysad's concert is history.
I had great time.
I sang the songs with 'Quka' and all the people at the concert sang, too.
There was really noisy but I don't care about it.

This week will be great, too.
Only three days at school and long weekend.
At this weekend I'll go to Wrocław.
Wrocław is a city in which I was born.
I've lived there for 10 years.

2010-11-03 @ 15:13:32
Only 2 days and I'll go to happysad's concert.
I can not wait, I'm really happy.
Yesterday I was in my friend's house and we wached a film.
Tonight I will go to boarding school.
2010-11-01 @ 20:50:44
This weekend was great.
My family came to me and there were lots of people in my house. This made great atmosphere. Tuesday is free, Wednesday, too. It's make me really happy.
On Friday is happysad's concert. I'm looking forward it!
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