My lucky day
2013-11-29 @ 18:16:15
Today is a lucky day for me because:
I don't have test on w-f,
I don't have short test of History,
I have four of earlier short test on History,
and my mum bake cookies.
2013-11-28 @ 17:01:44
Today it's nice day.
I have two English lessons. In one of them I have short test of irregular verbs. I think it's easy but irregular verbs is a lot.
2013-11-27 @ 17:47:18
Today in my school is disco. I want to go on this but I can't. I wish I didn't go.
My dog.
2013-11-26 @ 15:25:47
My dog Berni is very beautiful.
Breed: Bernese Mountain Dog (Berneński pies pasterski).
Age: one year old.
Berni responds of command:
-give paw
-give voice
It's brown, black and white.
Berni is my first dog and I love him.
2013-11-25 @ 17:17:03
I don't like Mondays because I must get up very early but often Mondays is free day. Then I can get up very late and I don't must go to school.
Sometimes Mondays can be the best day of the year because then it's my birthday !!!
2013-11-24 @ 14:33:01
Saturdays are usually busy for me because I am :
-doing housework,
-doing my homework from school,
But in Sundays I can have a rest. I usually taking my dog for a walk.
Tiring day.
2013-11-23 @ 13:56:01
Hello. Today it's very tiring day. Me and my mum went shopping. Next we cleaning up house.I must end because I going to eat dinner and next I will learn.Bye
My day
2013-11-22 @ 16:47:58
Hi. I have a good day. In school we made christmas cards. I must end because I must do homework. I will write soon.
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