2010-03-20 @ 17:16:22
My friend lent me a book. I think it is interesting. I like reading novels, but I have read not many novels lately. I don't have time for that. I am going to go to library next week.
2010-03-12 @ 22:04:02
My sister arrived week ago. Last weekend we were talking long time and watching films. She will leave Poland tomorrow. I can't wait to Easter. I must go to school two weeks.
2010-03-05 @ 22:04:48
I am happy because today is Friday. I am very tired. I returned to home about 7:30 p.m. This month I have a lot of tests. I don't want to learn all weekend!
2010-02-26 @ 20:57:48
My sister will arrive in week:-)She is going to be in Poland about nine days. After that she will come back to Hamburg. My sister told me that it is a wonderful city. I think I can visit my sister in second mid of March.
2010-02-19 @ 21:50:14
At last weekend! I am happy, but next week I have got three tests. I must do my homework tomorrow. I am looking forward to Easter. There is only 6 weeks to go.
2010-02-11 @ 19:21:30
I can't wait for the end of February. I am going to go to Germany. I want to visit my sister. She lives in Hamburg. I will see this wonderful city!
2010-02-05 @ 19:13:58
It was a long day for me. I am very tired. I came back home about 5p.m. I am happy that it is weekend. I like Fridays after school:-)
2010-01-29 @ 18:59:38
This week I visited my friend. I knew her when we went to elementary school. I had not seen her since August. This winter holidays were super. I must return to school on Monday.
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