the last day of my life
2007-09-02 @ 16:51:26
I didn't have time to write anything, becouse my last party was the last day with my boyfriend. I don't know what to do. We were together almost 6 years, and he lived in my house 3 years. On thatone friday he didn't back home for night...he drank with people from his work, and slept in her friend. I don't want live any longer...I can't be with him after this. Now he sends me sms in each hour,he wants one more chance, and I think that he took me away my dreams, my future, my smile.

PS. I'm 23, and I'm starting 5th year on uniwersity of technology

Hi! It is sad. :( But you can't say that it is your the last day of your life. I want to cheer up you. ;) The best moments will happen.
Thanks for information.
You were with him for 6 years?? Admirable!!!
but I think that you should to give him a one more chance!! Maybe it was his the last time when he was drunk?? Such a long relationships with boyfriend as yours- it's a pitty to end. So I recommend you to think this over...
Wish you to find the right way out!:-***

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