2010-12-18 @ 11:45:58
I have many friends where I can always count on. However, one of them is most important for me because I always supportive me. Unfortunately, I have a little time for they, but they are very forgiving.
2010-12-04 @ 12:44:45
Soon Christmas. I can not wait because I really like this time, when everyone is happy and there is a family atmosphere. The whole family are arriving for my house.
2010-11-25 @ 20:02:46
Last weekend I was at the tournament. It was a great experience for me. Although, that I dancing
since two years it was my first tournament. It is great fun and I'm happy, that for three days I'm going to the next:)
2010-11-20 @ 17:00:14
I would also go on to the famous Broadway dance school. I think that there I a lot learned. Unfortunately, I think that I will not succeed because the school is very far. However, there are also many good dance schools in Poland.
2010-11-12 @ 13:16:24
My dream is to go to Paris, because I want to see the Eifla Tower. I very like their culture and characteris this people. Also the reason is it, that I never wasn't abroad. I hope, that when I see many place.
2010-11-04 @ 16:56:19
I have brother. He is kind and funny. He always helps me, when I have a problem. I am glad, that I have him. I very like spend time with him.
2010-11-02 @ 10:13:51
I dance since 2 years. And I want to make it as long as possible. It is helping me, that I don't think a problems. I hope, that I reach something in dance.
2010-10-21 @ 19:11:49
Most of the time I'm studing. Also a lot of time I consecrate dance. I train three times a week. This is my hobby, so I no regrets that I have so little free time.
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