I love holidays
2012-03-31 @ 16:24:35
I can not wait for the holidays you too ;-)) I wants to go somewhere and relax relax etc
2012-02-29 @ 22:38:15
do you like match ?? I always have this problem because my boyfriend love I want to go somewhere and he does not !! match
lady Gaga
2011-10-20 @ 15:20:10
Im very like lady Gage because she is crazy like me ;-))))) I would go to her concert she is the best............ She is a star ;-***** [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch lady Gage the Edge of Glory.pl
Ireland ;-)
2011-10-20 @ 13:39:30
Im here in Galway one year. Ireland is a beautiful island is green all year round but its one problem. The weather's rather horrible. Just rain most of the time ;-( Im here because they are better earnings Im very misss for Poland ... ;-(((((((((((
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