Hello :)
2008-01-23 @ 17:41:02
Hi this is my firs note.
Today I write as i am in Irleand:)
So i am in irleand and is OK
I cam back 28,01,08 I won't become hier

i dont get it? where r u now? and where r u coming back? - to poland? and that engish language ur studing, where do u study it? in pl? im a bit confused... :D
-Today I write that I'm in Irleand (Dzisiaj pisze, że jesten w Irlandi)
-So I am in Irleand and everything/there/it is OK.
-I'll come 28.01.08...
(I won't become hier?) - What does it mean? I don't know. Can anybode help me?

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