Frosty Monday
2013-11-25 @ 10:20:24
Winter is coming up. In the morning was realy cold. -0,5 degrees when I went to work. Our garden looks beautiful with frosted grass. I like it very much.
It will be our first winter in own house. We already enjoy evenings by the fireplace. I light the candles too and we have amazing atmoshere. It is warm and cosily.
Halo again
2013-11-22 @ 12:08:18

I come back after a small break with good news.
Two days ago I passed the exam in English at level 1. I successfully did 4 skills : reading , listening , writing and speaking. So , I'm very happy and wish you nice weekend!
All Saint's Day
2013-10-31 @ 14:26:32
Tomorrow we have All Saint's Day. In Poland many people travell to visit the graves of their loved ones. This year we stay home. We will light the candles on my grandparent's grave
(parents of my father )and on my uncle's grave. To be honest I dont't go to the cementary so often. Durring the week I dont't have a time and durring the weekdays it's so many things to do...I promised myself so many times that I have to change it but...
So often I think about my grandmother (my moyher's mother). She died a few years ago and I still miss her. She has a special place in my heart. Tomorrow I will light one candle for her.
Piano lessons
2013-10-30 @ 15:01:42
On Wednesdays my little son has a piano lessons. He began to learn in September. His teacher is very satisfied with the progress of him. Mikołaj can repeat the melody and rhythm after the first hearing. He is only 4,5 years old so he has small fingers but he does his best to play properly. Also practicing at home doing it willingly and often. Last Sunday we have invited my parents for a dinner and afterwords Mikołaj played short concert for us.We are so proud of him , we support him as much as we can and as much as he need of course. We are going to send him to music school in two years. He likes music , he likes to play piano, do exercises and I think it is a good choise for his future.
Halloween is coming
2013-10-29 @ 08:26:03
In two days we will celebrate Halloween.Due to today I am going with my kids to find some interesting costumes. They have a party at school on Thursday. Older one would like to be a mummy and the little one a vapire , nice , isn't it? Its cost about 30zl per day. We will prepare our house for that evening as well. We did a pumpkin already but one is not enough. Today we will buy moreto decorate garden.We need some sweets and a lot of candles. It will be our first Halloween in this house and we will make it perfect!
2013-10-28 @ 13:08:12
On Saturday we went to Cekcyn tu support our son in football match. His team lost 5:1 unfortunately but the weather was so nice and we decided visit the area. My husband have heard about Fojutowo and he took us there. It is the longest aqueduct in Poland.Thanks to EU funds is a tourist attraction now. There are 30 meters high tower and beautiful Wielki Kanał Brdy crossed Czerska Struga river. You can walk , observe the nature or rent a kayak and make short trip.There is also ski-lift for the winter and open swiming pool for the summer. Nice restaurant offers delicious food for the visitors. I sincerely recommend you this place.
A few words on Friday
2013-10-25 @ 13:07:14
In three hours I'm going to finish my work and start the weekend! It is nice weather so propably we will spent most of the time outside. Today we would like to go for long walk to the park. In the evening we will watch the movie. Tomorrow our older son plays match with his football team and we go toogether to support him. After competition pizza and ice cream to celebrate victory ( we will see...). Since September our son is a sport club player. He trains twice a week. His team takes a part in Orlik competition. Our son is very involved , he would like to be as good as his colleagues from the team. He does his best in evry match. I am so proud of him , he is new in the team and I know how hard he works. I'll keep fingers crossed for him on Saturday.
2013-10-24 @ 14:59:19
How are you today?
I try to compose a menu for the weekend. I like cooking, especially during the weekend. I have more time so I can spend in the kitchen even few hours. I think I make vegetables salat , we didn't have it long long time , and roast turkey.
I always make myself mix o different spices so the final taste is never the same. I like eatinig , I 'm lucky person because I can eat as much as I want. I am very slim , I have never been on a diet. I like salats , different kinds of meat, Chinese food and our traditional kitchen. I know that I am not a master chef but I think I cook quite well...
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