2013-01-23 @ 20:16:34
It's better ;)
I feel better
and everything are better


I liked writing here,really.Maybe,Yeah often I miss some phrases to clog one silly sentence, but this blog is something else that I did not have to deal with the English blogging.
Every day ,I try to learn better English

End of the first semestr...maybe 2-nd will be better ;)I hope.I am charged with positive energy|

I'm sorry that you have to read such nonsense,haha :)

Good night,kisses :****
22 January 2013 :)
2013-01-22 @ 21:06:42
This is my first post at this page.

Well,I'll try blogging every day or every few days,couse I'm a student and I'll have to study for exam to high school ;)

Day like every day :< I'm sick(JANUARY CHARMS)and stayed at home.In the meantime,I found a interesting pages about fashion and makeup routine and watched "TEEN WOLF".For 3 days I watched one all season,yesterday I started 2 season.I really really like this.

I come to some conclusions,associated with teenage life.Maybe this help me with my little problem;)

Good night:*

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