2009-12-15 @ 08:56:12
I was in Israel, it was cool time for me. I could meet now friends, a lot. I could lerane new raligions. Jawsh
2009-11-01 @ 17:23:18
November 1 2009. S. Vettel won the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi, reached the finish line in czsie: 1:34:03.414. Unfortunately, Robert Kubica on 10 at the czsie 1:51:03
2009-10-26 @ 20:52:18
Falubaz Zielona Gora was a master of Polish Speedway. In the finale, which was shifted several times, turned out to be better than defending the title Unibaksu Torun. Falubaz Polish champion after 18 years!. Well done!!
19 october 2009 r. PGA
2009-10-19 @ 20:36:24

From 16 to 18 October largest mail place game PGA event. For only £ 15 you can come and play the best games that only appear in the sale. However, most people came to watch the game show: Assassins Creed 2 It will be great game !!!!!!!
19 października 2009 r. "STONES OF MEMORY ROOTS"
2009-10-19 @ 19:59:20
From 1 to 10 October was a project: MEMORY OF STONES ROOTS "
This is a project that aims to establish the relationship between Poles and Israelis.
Also, I take part in this project. For me, this is getting to know a foreign culture, which (I think) is very interesting.
I teach how to look Jewish culture, which are important days and holidays.
For me the most was to meet people from other parts of the world, their daily lives, their future, and of course learning English.

Website design :
19 października 2009 r. MAREK EDELMAN
2009-10-19 @ 19:37:56
Third of october died Marek Edelman. He was a prominent physician, who developed a method for treatment of cardiac diseases.
However, if someone heard the name "Edelman" saw that this man was rescued people with weapons in hand.
This was a wonderful man...
2009-09-21 @ 20:45:00
Hello everyone,
this is my first blog so, J don't know what write. J like play computer games and read books.
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