ohh wednesday...
2014-01-22 @ 19:23:49
Today is very cold and I have cold feet. Now I'm sitting on the couch and watching tv. Sometimes I like to do nothing, especially in the winter evenings:)bye..
new week, new experience :)
2014-01-19 @ 22:46:26
Today is sunday. The weather was horible. I was at home all day, and watched movies (a lot of movies:))and I read a book in English. This is my first book in this language. I read only 15 peages, but it is just the beginning. The book is called: St Clare's The First Year. Toomorow I have to go work... I start at 8.00. I hope that this week will be better than previous. So have a nice week!!:)
2014-01-14 @ 21:29:20
Hi, my name is Lusi and this is my first day on the blog. I'm just starting the adventure with English, so please be gentle with me.:)
Good night!:)
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