The wild swan... :/
2007-08-09 @ 17:06:02
Hello! What's up? I'm bored.. Bueh.. I eat peach and listen music. Lily Allen - Oh my god (it's my favourite song..) > Now i'm only with mum :/ Ehh. Sister has gone to her boyfriend... Ehh.. At last I have free time ^^ And i know how can i use it - DRAWING.. Heh... I like it ^^

Well... I was on rolls :/ Oh my god... Macabre :/ I was on "Olszynki" . There was big, wild and.. aggressive Swan -.- It has hit at me! :/ It has stood near me and it looked on my sister... Uff.. Today's day was awful..

Okay, i go to the kitchen.. Im hungry ^^
Next boring day :/
2007-07-19 @ 10:23:47
Hello...14 July I was on wedding. There was funny :) There was my friends: Paula, Kate, Alicja and other ^^ I catch the veil bride's, but group, there which played, there to be not allow me "new bride", because i'm too younger ^^ I was on wedding to 2 o'clock a.m ;] Eee.. Hmm..

I spend my holiday in my aunt and uncle ;] There is extra ^^ There is dog, cats, my friends (in the city i have friends also ;P), but now i'm bored ;/ Who read this blog? :/ Ehh okay, I ending that note, i go to dog and cats... ^^
Hello ^^
2007-07-18 @ 16:31:41
Hi. It's my first blog in english language ^^ Heh.. My english is.. bad, but i found e-ang site and i going to perfect english! Sorry for my gramatic and dictionary...

My name's Agnieszka and I have eleven years old. I live in Rzeszow. I don't have animal..
My favourite color is black and purple. Why? Beacuse i don't like barbie, color pink, sweet etc... Heh..

Oh my god.. In Rzeszow is horrible hot.. 38 degrees in a shade -.--! I sitting in house and play with cats... Tofik and Rocky :) Funny names ^^

Okay.. i go watch film on Polsat ^^ Bye bye ;)
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