2011-12-05 @ 21:42:11
I have a big problem with remember vocabulary in English. Have you got a special way for learn English vocabulary?
About e-ang.pl
2011-11-19 @ 13:54:46
I'm very glad because I found this internet page.It has a lot of things wchich I need.I recommended this page for everyone who want to lean English more .This page is full of very important infomations.
2011-11-19 @ 10:30:46
I have recently read the book named,,Opium w rosole" written by Małgorzata Musierowicz.It is about love,friendship and other things. I recommended you to read it.It is very interesting book.
I'm lost in love
2011-11-19 @ 10:25:37
I have a friend in my class.He is very nice to me and I feel good in his company.I don't know if he likes me.What I should do.Please,help me.
2011-11-19 @ 10:19:52
My name is Karolina.I'm going to learn English better.If you see mistakes in my posts wtite about it to me.It is very important to me.
see you
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