My aquarium
2008-03-20 @ 16:59:20
Hello again!
Today I want tell You about my first love - aquarium. It's a long story, but I don't tell You all.
It was a day before Christmas - Christmas Eve. My sister and my mum went to the shop to buy a carp. They brought a carp and... small fish. We put it to a small bowl. Next week (after Christmas) I bought in aqua-shop my first aquarium - 7,5l. From December to June I was keeping my fish, but in July I released its to the river. I'm hope, it's still alive ;)
In September (2005) I bought bigger tank - about 21l. I was keeping many fishes and did many mistakes. I was reading a lot of books, websites and guides.
In summer 2007 I bought my third aquarium, which I still have. It's about 45l and there is a light (which I've never had). I'm very proud of it, becouse all money which I needed I earned myself.
Now, I've got many fishes in aquarium. I write only latin names, becouse I don't know english.
9 Gymnocorymbus ternetzi (I want 12)
3 Corydoras paleatus (I want 5)
2 Ancistrus (I don't now, which species).

Today I do a restart of the tank. I've sand and stones now. I buy many new plants. When I put my fishes into it (now they're in old 21l aqua) I will take photo and show You.

It's all, what I want to tell You today:) Thanks for Your last comments, they're very nice. Bye!

PS If You want to see older photos, look at it:
(it's in polish of course).
2008-03-16 @ 11:44:32
Yesterday I was with my friend - Mateusz - in Nazieleńce, part of our town. We went there becouse I wanted to take some photos in forest.
When I was taking photos Mateusz said: "Look! It's roe-deer!". I saw very beautiful animal, so I wanted to take its photo, but it started to run away! We was running after its and we saw next four roe-deers. I took only one good photo, but then came about 15 roe-deers. We was watching them, but it was night coming, so we went home. We are going to go there today, but weather isn't so good as yesterday. Anyway, we want to see them again. Wish us good luck!
It's this one and only good photo, which I took (click to see it in full size).
My first post
2008-03-15 @ 12:10:27
Hello World!
My name's Łukasz and it's my English Blog. If you want to know more about me let's see "Something about me" or write e-mail. I'm not very well in English, so I think I'll do many mistakes ;)
OK, it's all in this short introduction.
Best wishes!
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