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In 2006 Kubica became the official third/test driver for the BMW Sauber Formula One team.[2] His results in both Friday testing and private test sessions, along with the words of BMW Sauber's manager Mario Theissen, led to speculation that he would become Poland's first ever Formula One racing driver in 2007. In August 2006, Kubica's teammate, Jacques Villeneuve, complained about headaches after his accident during the 2006 German Grand Prix; he was deemed unfit to race by the team, against his own belief, and Kubica was chosen by the team management to replace him at the 2006 Hungarian Grand Prix.[3] Kubica qualified ninth, beating his more experienced teammate Nick Heidfeld. In the race, he finished in seventh place, but was disqualified after the race for having an underweight car.[4] Villeneuve decided to leave the BMW Sauber team soon after the race,[5] and Kubica's position in the team for the remainder of the season was confirmed by BMW.[6]
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on 1 December 2005 Renault took part in tests of the stable. She was it is an award for WSbR winning (World Series in order to Renault). on 20 December a BMW Sauber stable announced signing a contract with the Polish driver. Kubica became the third driver of this team in the season 2006. Main participating in tests of racing cars was setting him BMW-Sauber, during Friday, official trainings before all races of the first prize of the season 2006 also served as the third driver.
Before F1 (continuation)
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In 2005 the yr took part also in the prestigious first prize Macao which is being regarded as the unofficial world championships of Format 3. Going in the regarded British Carlin Motorsport team using the engine of the Honda he was in second place, repeating the result from 2004 during the classification he set also a new record of the path.There was a rumour that he had had the chance of appearing in colours of the Minardi stable during GP of China 2005, as the third driver. But she didn't find covering in fact. Kubica didn't have chances of granting the issued superlicence through FIA which is authorizing for the ride in the process of the first prize. In the meantime he took part in the first winter tests of GP2 Series. In the first day he filled the fourth position
Before F1
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Kubica started the career with go-karts, for the first time he sat down behind its steering wheel in the century of 6 years, his child is four years old later was already a champion of Poland of juniors. He got this title sixfold. In the century of 13 years he left for Italy in order to develop one's talent. He stayed in 1998 juniorskim with the champion of Italy and the European vice-champion, he won also prestigious professions in Monaco and a year later he repeated these successes. Then starts and wins were also in the Format A. In 2001 with the Format Renault 2000 began the adventure Eurocup and filled into 14 of it. place. In 2002 in the same gameses he got 7. deposit. In 2003 he made his debut in Format 3 with Euroseries and he got 12. place, whereas a year later was already 7. Season 2005 began World Series Formats as the competitor in order to Renault as the first driver of the Basque team Euskadi Epsilon. The consistent and regular ride for the entire season resulted in the championship title. 2 October 2005 in the race on the path in the Estoril Portuguese filled 2. place and provided to himself with the victory in the general ranking of drivers.
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