'You know where You are?'
2012-02-24 @ 18:07:01
Hello honey!

I was out for a long time but now when I still have winter break from school I'm able to find some time to write a note here. I'll write the note and probably again be out 'cause You know often it's hard hatd to find time and wills to do something. When I have time to myself I'm ingluding to my addiction I mean listening and enjoying the music.

And my today's note is also inspired by music the specificity by song 'Welcome in the jungle' performing by Guns N' Roses. I know that everybody can understand the text in his own way but for me this song shows us that current 'big world' is very similar to a jungle and people 'learn to live like an animals', wild animals.We can get everything and there is just one condition - money. Honey, You can have everything You want if You got a lot of money.

I can see that nowadays The Holy Trinity differs than the one in my imagination: Money, Fame and power. It is the things which many people consider as a the bigger blessing. It is a way to disaster!

'It's gonna bring You DOWN, ha!'

And now lets listen to this song and admire the lyrics, the voice, the guitar sole, the other guitars' sounds and the drummer's skills.

See You later!
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